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Director Stylists
Inigo Uriarte
Teodora (Theo) Contantinescu

Master Stylists
Jessica Sagaser

Associate Stylists
Breanna Hobbs
Kristen VanDerGinst

Junior Stylists
Kimberly Gilmore

Salon Receptionist
Trudy Faull


Here is what Angela had to say:
"I was so happy to find Alicia 3 years ago. Finally, someone that knows "one size does not fit all" when it comes to hair straighteners. She works with each client to figure out the best product for their particular hair type. Having curly hair and being on TV, I am very particular about the end result. I am thrilled with my shiny straight hair. Thank you Alicia." Angela Scott, News Reporter

Here is what Carolyn had to say:
We sent SpaGirl in the field Carolyn to Bravo for the much-touted Brazilian hair straightening process. We think her hair turned out super fab. But would she do it again? Here’s her behind-the-chair report.

Upon my arrival at Bravo Salon, my hair was nothing short of a major disaster. As a natural brunette whose motto is "Bring on the bleach," my now bright blonde highlighted tresses needed some serious help. Plus, on top of all the faux blonde damage, I also have extremely wavy hair that I keep under control by a daily frying with my flat iron. Needless to say, I was quite the mess.

When I walked through the doors of Bravo I was greeted by the salon’s owner Alicia. She sat me down for a consultation and after briefly piecing through my hair, decided that I would be the perfect candidate for a Brazilian hair straightening treatment. Before beginning the treatment, Alicia thoroughly explained what Brazilian straightening would entail, the rules I needed to follow after receiving the treatment and the safety precautions she follows during the straightening process. As a certified and highly experienced Brazilian hair-straightening stylist, Alicia let me know that she uses FDA-approved straightening products and has special fans to clear the salon of any irritating fumes. She also warned me that I could not wash my hair, sweat, or put my hair in a ponytail for 4 days after the treatment was performed. So what are the perks of the Brazilian hair straightening? Completely rehabilitated softer, shinier and almost stick straight hair for 3 to 4 months. I was obviously sold.

After agreeing to the guidelines, Alicia whisked me back to the salon’s bowl area and washed my hair with a super-clarifying shampoo. After my hair was clean and towel dried, it was time to brush on the straightening solution. After the solution was applied to my entire head, Alicia dried my hair with a blow dryer. There were no fumes whatsoever and I actually liked the way the solution smelled. After my hair was completely dry, it looked so much shinier just from the clarifying shampoo and straightening solution. I could hardly wait to see the end result as Alicia ran a titanium flat iron through every strand of my hair. After she was finished, I did not even recognize my own hair. It was soft, shiny, moisturized and looked nothing like the fried mess I walked in with 2 1/2 hours earlier.

I thought it would be really hard to restrain myself from washing my hair for 4 days but because my hair stayed straight and looked so much better than before, I did not mind the wait to wash it. After 4 days, I washed, conditioned and let my hair air-dry. For the first time in my life my hair did not spiral, poof or frizz! Now I am able to get away with just running a blow dryer quickly through my hair instead of round brushing and meticulously going through small sections with a flat iron to get it straight. My hair finally looks and feels healthier than ever before and I have a suspicion that my beloved flat iron may be permanently replaced by Brazilian hair straightening. © 2011 Arizona Spa Girls, Inc. all content and pictures in this posted article.

Here's what Trudy Faull had to say:
I came into this world a platinum blonde, and I have every intention of leaving it as a platinum blonde. Nature intervened along the way, however, and transformed that gorgeous blonde into a flat, brownish, grayish, dish-watery mop of boredom and frump. As "better living through chemistry" is a worthy motto, I fought back, and restored that lovely color to its rightful place atop my brow. But over the years a new problem emerged: damaged, dry, and frizzy hair. It took more and more time to make it look good each day, and it the final result was becoming a daily surprise. Suddenly dishwater wasn't looking so bad, compared to the mess I was creating.

My amazing stylist, Alicia Bravo, came to the rescue with a wonderful product I didn't even know existed: a hair straightening product she was sure would fix my ends and restore the health and vitality that color treating robs from hair.

Truth be told I was nervous. I absolutely believed the product would be a great conditioning and restorative treatment, but the whole "straightening" thing was worrisome. I'm a Gen X-er, raised on "big hair." In my psychology, straight, flat hair was an indication someone had "let them-selves go." Enter motherhood and a wake up call: life is too short to spend it messing around with hair for an hour every day--but the Scottsdale Mommy standards still apply, no matter how busy we are. Could this idea of Alicia's be the answer?

So I decided to follow Alicia's recommendation, and try the Brazilian Conditioning Treatment. The process was much faster and easier than I expected. The hardest part was waiting four days to wash my hair afterward! I couldn't make it. Day three had to see some serious shampooing.

But what an incredible difference! Dry, damaged, frizzy ends: gone! My hair is completely restored to its previously soft, silky texture. It feels stronger and healthier than I remember in years. It is smoother and withstands Phoenix summer humidity without frizzing. And now, for the first time, I can actually use the blow drier for a styling tool and it takes less time than just using it to get my hair dry enough to use a hot iron.

If I want more curl, I can still use the iron, but it takes no time at all (the curling iron mostly refines curl I'm able to give my hair with a brush and the blow drier), and it holds all day. I can have volume and bounce, but without spending so much time in the bathroom. I have a fun, easy, contemporary style that is youthful and pretty, not "big hair" but not my "mommy-wear flat" nemesis, either.

Alicia is an expert in a number of treatments, services, and styles, and she takes the time to know her clients, and she expects those standards from the stylists in her salon as well. She knew just what I needed for my hair, not simply what my hair needed. I strongly recommend the treatment, but only Alicia and the stylists at Bravo Salon will know if it's right for you and your concerns about your hair being beautiful doesn't take a miracle, it just takes Bravo! Elena Bravo is also a qualified certified straightening specialist also.Trudy Faull, Scottsdale

Here's what Rebecca had to say:
Hello, How are you? This is Rebecca form Flagstaff and Luxembourg ;-). My hair is still very soft and very shiny even after washing it twice already. It dries faster than before as well. I use a flat iron on the ends to put them up so it doesn't look so straight. I love my new hair and it was very much worth the price. It takes me no time in the morning to get my hair ready. No more frizzies. I would like to thank you for the professional service you offered me. I am always very skeptical about going to a new hairdresser because I had some bad experiences but this time it was worth the drive and the money. I wish you all the best and a happy Thanksgiving. I WOULD RECOMMEND BRAVO SALON TO ANYONE, I TRUST THE PEOPLE THERE. THEY ARE TRULY PROFESSIONALS.Rebecca

Here's what Mary Vanderheiden had to say:
Alicia Bravo has been my hairdresser for over 10 years. We met by chance after she took over the clients of my previous stylist. Her skills as a colorist keep me looking younger than I am and everyone wants my color of blonde. I trust in Alicia my color will always look great. Since I have fine, straight hair a precise cut is essential. Alicia is a master at cuts and challenges me to update my style. She will keep working to get it just the way you want it. Beyond her ability professionally, she’s a warm and caring person. It’s been a pleasure to know her and her family over the years. I would not know where to turn if I lost her.Mary Vanderheiden

Here's what Debbie Whaley had to say:
While in town from Calif. visiting my son and his family, I decided to get my hair straightened, found through word of mouth about this salon, I've had my hair straightened in the past and it was a long process, this new Japanese straightener was less time and my hair not only looks incredible but feels it also! I LOVE it! Dealing with Elena, who answered all of my questions, and made me feel so very comfortable, makes it so much easier to be a repeat customer! I've never had a problem traveling anywhere to get a good haircut/color in the past, I used to go to Vegas, so traveling to Scottsdale now is no problem, I'll see my granddaughter more often and do it with great looking hair! Thank you Elena and your staff!Debbie

A Corrective Color Savior!!!!: From Out of town:
The night before my husband and my trip to Phoenix, I had the brilliant idea of doing my own highlights...but instead wound up being the poster child for a Sun In DON'T ad!!!! My hair first turned reddish pink then, by the next morning, right before our departure, ORANGE. Obviously, there was no time to see my stylist at home so immediately upon landing in Phoenix, I googled salons on my blackberry and had the great fortune of finding Bravo. They took my baseball-hatted head in that afternoon and performed a miracle to not only correct the mess I made but to give me the best color and highlights I have EVER had! I wish I had a stylist like Elena in my hometown. I LOVED her work and the care with which she did her job. Top notch!!! And very reasonably priced, too -- even though they saw I was desperate and probably would have paid anything for help at that point. ELENA BRAVO IS THE BEST! A superb salon for sure!!!

Best Brazilian Hair Straightening!
I received the Brazilian hair straightening treatment from Alicia at Bravo salon and could not be happier with the results! For years my hair has looked and felt completely fried. I received the treatment and now my hair is smooth, silky and finally looks healthy. Alicia is a certified in Brazilian hair straightening and only uses FDA approved products. The treatment only takes about 2½ hours and lasts 3 to 4 months. The straightening process includes three simple steps: a clarifying shampoo, applying the treatment and flat ironing each section of hair. After the treatment, my hair is completely transformed and takes almost no time to style. I would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone with wavy, dry or over processed hair. The treatment made such a difference and restored the integrity of my hair and I would definitely go back to receive this treatment again.Carolyn From AZ Spa Girls

Here’s what Michelle had to say: have hair that is difficult to lift to just the right shade of blonde...or so I thought. I booked my appointment with Eva Shimp, a stylist at Bravo recommended for her expertise in hair color and especially high lift blondes and was so pleased I did. In the past, other stylist would turn my hair brassy or when I told them my hair had a tendency to turn orange they would over compensate and my hair looked a weird greyish green. Eva listened to my concerns and mixed the perfect shade of blondes to weave into my hair. She is very friendly, as is the entire staff, and I am now a happy, blonde client! Michelle

Here’s what Mary Mata had to say:
I just had the Best Color, Schwarzkopf color. I love my hair now. My haircut is so fabulous, and I had the famed Brazilian Blowout Zero done. I also had the Brazilian Blowout done here in December. I also had the Chocolate Brazilian Keratin treatment here too. Now my hair is in such good condition that they can do the other brazilian keratin treatments on my hair. When I first came here, my hair was in pretty bad shape. Bravo fixed my bad haircut and bad color done by another salon. Bravo is the best at correction in hair coloring. I really trust this salon. The best highlights I ever had, and hair style too. I love my hair and it has been worth every cent I have spent here. I also like the moroccan oil products. This salon has made me a new woman. I highly recommend this salon.Mary Mata

Here is what Jennifer had to say:
I started going to Eva about five years ago. My hair was thin and brittle. Partially from over processing but also because I am hypothryroid. My hair now looks healthy and my color looks natural. Last year, when I married my husband I asked Eva to do my hair. I thought I would need a hair piece because my hair is thin from my thyroid. Eva assured me that I didn't need one. My hair looked fantastic and you can't even tell that I have a bald spot on my crown. Eva is not just my hairdresser. She has become a dear friend. She has been with me through the ups and downs of my medication being adjusted which affects the quality and quantity of hair.Jennifer

Here is what Justine had to say:
The Best Brazilian Blowout and highlighting and color haircut and style I have received in a long time. The Brazilian Blowout is fantastic. My hair is so soft and shiny, frizz free, and I can dry it so much quicker than ever. I even had my color done the same day. I love it. I recommend this to anyone with frizzy unruly or damaged hair like mine. Elena has completely restored my hair. I had been looking for a good stylist for a long time finally I will be back to this great stylist Elena Bravo and to this great salon. The staff was so helpful and friendly. Everyone is so happy and delightful. I'm going to get a facial and massage next. I highly recommend this salon for anyone looking for a good stylist and salon to go to.Justine

Here is what Britney had to say:
I found Adriane at Bravo Salon and she did a great job communicating with me to find out what I wanted to have done. Not only did I leave the salon looking great, she showed me how I can achieve the same look at home! Which is awesome. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new style or color because of her expertise. She was able to picture the perfect new look for me!!!! Thanks again! I love my hair! Britney

OTHER REVIEWS can be found on the following links! The good AND the bad! Please take a moment and read the comments after the reviews for additional information. As with all businesses, 100% of the customers cannot be happy all of the time, but we sure make a 100% effort to take care of anyone that is not. Please call us if you are not 100% thrilled with your hair when you leave our Salon.

There are many more! These are just a sampling of the reviews you can find on our salon.



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