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Bravo Salon Is on a Mission to be dynamic, and create miracles for people, driven by creative passion and talented staff, through the art of transforming and creating beautiful hair every time.

Bravo Salon strives to always maintain high standards of professionalism and excellence. It is our desire to offer our guests advanced technology, education, top of the line products and services, combined with extraordinary treatments of the optimum in health and beauty.

We support our team by building & sustaining careers, fulfilling dreams. We continue to make a impact in our community by giving back to charities and donations.

Cutting Edge~ Bravo Salon is current with all the latest trends, products, treatments, and new amazing techniques to keep us ahead of the industry.

Integrity~ Our stylists are all honest, caring individuals who treat all clients the way they deserve with the most respect of their time and money spent.

Communication~ The entire staff at Bravo Salon has been through advanced training, understanding how to best communicate with our clients, so to give them the best possible service.

Committed~ Bravo Salon is committed to making a positive difference in your life. Creating a positive difference and partnership, helping you to develop a relationship of trust with your hair.

Alicia Bravo
Owner | Artistic Director
Scottsdale Stylist | Bravo Salon | (480) 951-8076
10614 N 71st Place {ADDRESS2}
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Meet Our Skilled Team

  • Alicia Shannon Bravo

    Alicia Shannon Bravo the owner of Bravo Salon, a Creative Director Master Stylist, and Brazilian Master certified specialist. Alicia has a true passion and vocation for transforming and enhancing your style to help you be a more confident, vivacious, and successful you! Regardless of your desires for rich, beautiful color, a sharp, trendy hairstyle, a timeless, classic look, or a serious need for repair and conditioning, Alicia is an award-winning stylist, educator, and recognized expert universally qualified for virtually anything you may want and need for your hair. Additionally, Alicia is one of a handful of stylists in the Phoenix area trained to perform the Japanese Thermal Straightening procedure. She is Toni & Guy Hair Cutting specialist and was a Sebastian International educator for 8 years. Alicia has attended an Aquage Mastery Cutting Training Program. Alicia is married with three children, and is a Phoenix native. She has spent her entire professional career of thirty years in the Valley both as a stylist and a small business owner. She is committed to honoring and serving the community, her clients, her employees, and her family.

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  • Inigo Uriarte
    Director Stylist

    Be prepared for a truly special salon experience with Director Stylist Inigo Uriarte. Inigo is an exclusive Goldwell Certified Colorist and Vidal Sassoon Academy for Advanced Cutting Techniques Certified Stylist. The consummate professional, Inigo is well versed in numerous color lines and techniques for cutting, texturizing, smoothing, and re-inventing your style. Unsurprisingly, he is an exceptional stylist for men as well; his skill and artistry span the range from close-cropped business looks to casual, longer men’s hair styles. A true artist with experience, knowledge, and vision, Inigo will transform your everyday look into something spectacular. He is a true expert with all types of hair from fine and straight to coarse and curly. Inigo’s talent, artistry, experience, wisdom and confidence provide the ultimate in salon experiences with extraordinary results.

  • Theo
    Director Stylist

    A highly experienced professional director stylist new to Scottsdale from New York, Theo is talented with all forms of color, including balayage, ombre, and multi-dimensional effects. She is passionately creative, and maintains her skills diligently in point cutting, razor cuts, texturizing, and precision styles. Theo is certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts, Global Keratin smoothing treatments, and Japanese Thermal Straightening. Theo is really great at showing you what new styles are great for you and recommending color and shapes that would be right for your face. Theo is great at color correction, and Aquage mastery in hair cutting certified. She is very talented at up styles, and has a lot of experience and knowledge of 25+ years as a Director Stylist. She is a master at color correction and curly hair cutting and styling. She is great with fine hair, highlighting, balayage, ombre, sombre color, perms, waves. She is extremely detailed, and really takes her time with you to get to know you and your hair, and consult with you extensively.

  • Jessica Sagaser
    Master Stylist

    Jessica is a Master Stylist here at Bravo Salon. She graduated from the award-winning Penrose (Kohler) Academy in Scottsdale where she was selected for a study-abroad program in London. She is an intuitive colorist and an attentive stylist who consistently provides excellent customer service and skilled, reliable results. Jessica’s ongoing pursuit of professional education indicates she is always learning new techniques and upcoming trends. Jessica excels in ombre highlights, corrective color, glorious reds and bombshell blondes using the best the industry has to offer from Goldwell, Schwarzkopf, and Matrix. Talented with styling and special occasion curls, Jessica has the perfect solution for smashing date-night looks! She has attended the Aquage Masters Academy and is certified by the Vidal Sassoon Academy for Advanced Cutting Techniques, Brazilian Blowout, and Global Keratin.

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  • Trudy Van Dusen
    Salon Manager

    Trudy Van Dusen, is our Salon Manager. Trudy has been a client of Bravo! Salon for nearly ten years. When the opportunity came along to work for her favorite hair salon, she just couldn’t refuse! When you call the salon as a new client, Trudy will take the time to discover your expectations and desires for your style or treatments, as well as a little “personality match-up” with our stylists. Be ready for a listening ear, a friendly voice, and professional office demeanor. Our clients know they can rely on Trudy to get them their special appointments and to welcome them as a true guest every time they come to the salon. If you should incur any problem let Trudy know she will help you with anything to help with your experience at Bravo Salon.

  • Kimberly Gilmore
    Associate Stylist

    A graduate of the prestigious Penrose (formerly Kohler) Academy in Scottsdale, Kimberly is an aspiring stylist solidly skilled at color, highlights, blow dry styles, and children’s haircuts. She is certified by the Vidal Sassoon Academy for Advanced Haircutting Techniques, Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin, Moroccan Oil Blow Dry Styling. Kim embraces challenges with a smile and an open mind, and an eager willingness to please.

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  • Elena Bravo
    Director Stylist

    Indulge yourself with a truly extraordinary salon experience with Director Stylist Elena Bravo- Chatila. A highly experienced professional in Scottsdale, Elenis talented with all manner of hair color, including balayage, ombre, corrective color, and multi-dimensional effects. Incredible chocolate hues, stunning reds and radiant blondes–as well as the Balayage, Ombre–are all the amazing results Elena envisions and creates, and a excellent hair cutter, she listens very well and pays attention to detail. She is passionately creative, and maintains her skills diligently in point cutting, razor cuts, texturizing, and precision styles. Elena is certified by Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin, and Milbon-USA for Thermal Straightening treatments, expert in Japanese hair straightening, with lots of experience.

  • Kristen VanDerGinst
    Associate Stylist

    Kristen is a graduate of the Avalon School of Cosmetology in Mesa and another Arizona native here at Bravo Salon from South Scottsdale. With a warm, friendly and engaging personality, she dedicates herself to hearing her clients’ concerns and desires to achieve results that keep them coming back. Great with blondes and corrective color, Kristen is certified by Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin, Schwarzkopf Hair Color, and the Vidal Sassoon Academy for Advanced Haircutting Techniques.

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  • Breanna Hobbs
    Master Stylist

    Breanna is an Arizona native and a graduate of Classic Beauty College in Phoenix. Talented in creating fabulous blondes, rich, deep reds and chocolate browns, fun fashion shades and stop-in-your tracks highlights, Breanna holds certifications from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Advanced Hair Cutting Techniques, Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin, and Goldwell and Schwarzkopf Color lines. In addition to her extensive training in cutting and chemical treatments, Breanna specializes in hair extensions and holds multiple certifications in their application and techniques. A highly detail-oriented stylist, Breanna is attentive to her clients’ needs and concerns and offers honest and expert advice on the most flattering color and styles available.

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  • Stephanie Hernandez
    Associate Stylist

    Associate Stylist


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